Saturday, May 13, 2017

The Baytown Crew is an incredible story about five teenagers who had a curse placed on them by an evil sorceress. The curse created four monsters of Epic proportion and popular myths. They are Bigfoot, Cyclops Yeti, Green Ogre, and Shark Man. Now the crew have to go through extensive training to learn how to reverse the curse

The curse was originally handed down to their parents and Christoph and Ana the people who became their caretakers. Ana's mother Dolphina is the evil sorceress who placed the curse on them in the first place. She was angry that Ana married Christoph without her blessing. She placed the curse on the magical land where they live. They left the magical land to protect it. Ana and Christoph went to Romania where they are King and Queen. The rest of the gang went to Baytown Massachusetts. They had their children there and the curse was handed down to them.

Read this story of survival as these five brave teenagers have to fend off these monsters at every turn they take. They must find a way to reverse the curse and lead their family back to the magical land where they belong. With the help of Christoph and Ana, the crew will find out the different ways to defeat these monsters. Along the way, they learn life's most precious values

Read the Baytown Crew to find out how Maria, Gustof, Marco, Sammy, and Erin become the Baytown Crew.

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It comes in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German

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